Farmer's Daughter Soap Company's Activated Charcoal Soap Activated Charcoal

A local favorite, and a must have for every bathroom! This soap has our Chloe's Soap base, and we just added in the activated charcoal. Our activated charcoal soap is amazing, but don't just take our word for it! Check out the reviews on our Facebook page!

Our Price: $6.75
Farmer's Daughter Soap Company's Chloe's Soap Chloe's Soap

The soap that started it all! Our Chloe's Soap was developed after years of research. I started my soap making journey in an effort to help my daughter, and after about two years, I developed a recipe that was perfect! This base is so good, we use it in all of our soaps!
Chloe's Soap has local raw honey, oats, frankincense, lavender, and aloe. This soap is gentle enough for babies and even pets!

Our Price: $6.75
Farmer's Daughter Soap Company's Kentucky Lake Wild Honey Soap Kentucky Lake Wild Honey

A local favorite!! This soap will vary in color based upon the different types of raw honey we use. However, each bar is packed with LOTS AND LOTS of wild honey, and smells amazing! This is one of my favorite bars, and one that I always recommend if you are not sure what to get. How can  you go wrong with Goat's Milk and Honey?

Our Price: $6.75

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