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Our Business
Specializing in hand-crafted, all natural soap in Paducah, KY

We started out selling our soaps at farmer's markets, vendor events, on Etsy, and out of our home. However, after several years of this, we needed to expand! Our first location was opened at 601 Broadway in Paducah, Kentucky on July 1, 2015. We actually outgrew that location in less than 4 months! (Thanks y'all!!) We are now located at 104 Broadway in Paducah, and have a second store, The Woodbury Soap Shop, that opened in Senoia, Georgia on February 1, 2017. You can also find our soaps in numerous locations throughout Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, and Florida. Interested in wholesale?? Give us a call!

Our Soap Making Process

"We ain't your Grandma's lye soap!"

At Farmer's Daughter Soap Company, we spent years perfecting our recipe. Since we weren't originally trying to start a business, we didn't have a set time frame to develop a recipe, allowing us to spend over two years doing research and creating the PERFECT bar of soap. Unlike single oil soaps that can leave you feeling stripped of your natural oils, our mixture of oils and butters leaves your skin clean but not tight and dry.

We make our soap here in the store using a hot process method, which means that we make sure the lye is completely neutralized before we ever put the soap in the mold. What this ALSO means (and this is the important part) is that we can add oils, butters, vitamins, clays, minerals, and essential oils AFTER there is NO lye left. Therefore, no lye will bond with these ingredients, and they're actually left in the finished bar and on your skin. This process also allows us to avoid neutralizing the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. With other methods, the heat reacts with the oils, causing them to lose their beneficial characteristics. (This is why you diffuse essential oils instead of burning them in a candle....heat hurts oils.) Once we remove our soap from the pot, the temperature is only getting cooler by the second. So, this means that not only does the lye not react with the oils, but neither does the heat! MORE GOODNESS FOR YOU!!!