Great Skin Starts at Farmer's Daughter Soap Company
We don't claim to have the best soap out there, others do that for us!

What started out as a mother's quest to have a natural alternative to the body washes that are purchased at retailers has turned into a Corporation helping families all over the United States! Here are a few reviews from our customers:

*Love their natural bar soap for men. I bought a couple bars (way more to them in weight and exceedingly better materials than any other fancy name brand or expensive 'natural' products sold all over.) I got one called Charcoal and one with a mix of natural ingredients that smell Masculine without smelling fake and engineered like men's body sprays used in recent decades have. Will definitely visit the store next time to look around and buy again. The ladies who explained their products and materials at the Lower Town Festival were very positive, friendly, and helpful. Most importantly, they knew what they were talking about! ~T. Story

*This is my husband's favorite place to go for beard oil and soap for his face. We have tried fancy and expensive places and no one compares. Such an amazing store! We live in Saint Louis and were able to do an online order. A week later we received free samples in the mail. No other store does that. Love, love, love this store!! ~M. Fischer

*I loved this place. I have been using their soap for a while but just got to the store yesterday. It has every type of soap you could think of. They also have a collection of scrubs, masks, lotions, and gift boxes. The staff is friendly and helpful. Can't wait to go back!! ~A. Pearson

*Visited Paducah this past week and tried the Chloe's Soap immediately. LOVE IT! Had already made a difference in the quality of my skin. Will order more as soon as I am home! (Was able to stop at the store again at the end of our visit and picked up 3 bars to take home too!) ~S. Accettura

*I just want to say...THANK YOU!!! We tried Chloe's Soap and body silk on my son's eczema and the difference is amazing! He loves the lotion because it doesn't "burn" (no alcohol) when I put it on. He will even ask for it. His skin looks 1000x better. No longer red and I haven't seen him subconsciously scratching since 2 days after we started using this product. "Thank you" isn't good enough to express how grateful I am. ~ K. Rule

*I was so excited to discover and use this amazing soap. As a nutritionist, herbalist, and aromatherapist...quality AND product AND ingredients are essential!!! Look no more...its here at Farmer's Daughter Soap Company!! Great product at an amazing price too!
~J. Coomer

*I went in looking for Chloe's Soap after hearing from a friend that its rumored to help with eczema. Well let me tell you that the rumors are TRUE!! I was prescribed a $200 cream that did absolutely nothing for the eczema on my face and after only a few times of using this soap I saw a huge improvement. 5 days later it is almost completely cleared up. This stuff is amazing! I also got the pumpkin, bubblegum (Which my little loves and it leaves her skin sooo soft), a bath bomb (which is also great), and a kiss stick. The range of products sold is great and I haven't found a product I don't like. The best thing is that not a single product bothers my sensitive skin. It heals it! I went in again today and bought 3 more soaps. I'm officially hooked!! Great, local products and the best customer service around! Thank you so much!! ~H. Colburn

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Farmer's Daughter Soap Company's Activated Charcoal Soap Activated Charcoal

A local favorite, and a must have for every bathroom! This soap has our Chloe's Soap base, and we just added in the activated charcoal. Our activated charcoal soap is amazing, but don't just take our word for it! Check out the reviews on our Facebook page!

Our Price: $6.75
Farmer's Daughter Soap Company's Kentucky Lake Wild Honey Soap Kentucky Lake Wild Honey

A local favorite!! This soap will vary in color based upon the different types of raw honey we use. However, each bar is packed with LOTS AND LOTS of wild honey, and smells amazing! This is one of my favorite bars, and one that I always recommend if you are not sure what to get. How can  you go wrong with Goat's Milk and Honey?

Our Price: $6.75
Farmer's Daughter Soap Company's Chloe's Soap Chloe's Soap

The soap that started it all! Our Chloe's Soap was developed after years of research. I started my soap making journey in an effort to help my daughter, and after about two years, I developed a recipe that was perfect! This base is so good, we use it in all of our soaps!
Chloe's Soap has local raw honey, oats, frankincense, lavender, and aloe. This soap is gentle enough for babies and even pets!

Our Price: $6.75

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